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30-Day Money Reports for City Council

Here's the PDF of everything listed here as of this morning. I've included a total for the past two fundraising cycles to get a sense of the overall level of spending. To wit, here's the Mayoral totals:

                       Raised   In-Kind      Loan        Spent     On Hand
Sylvester Turner    1,253,359    33,927         -    1,867,093     507,100 
Stephen Costello    1,737,825    17,072    90,000    1,367,778     696,540 
Bill King             999,696    39,617   650,000    1,307,307     322,475 
Adrian Garcia       2,005,833    85,857         -    1,183,157     831,285 
Chris Bell            491,746    17,484         -      444,903      91,902 
Ben Hall            1,006,490         -    850,000     247,871     758,618 
Marty McVey            43,972    16,270  1,075,000     133,285   1,075,000 

Taken together with the one and only poll that is being publicized so far, my thoughts as to what we know by now:

- It doesn't matter so much if Adrian and Sylvester are really #1 and #2. It's that people writing campaign contributions believe it.

- Unless you're writing checks to Bill King or Stephen Costello, that is. The polling is malleable in terms of what you want to believe from it. There's nothing in it that would lead me to be shocked if either King or Costello made a runoff.

- Think about how little campaign presence you've seen - at your doorstep, on your TV, in your mailbox - for the $6.5M already spent by all candidates in the Mayoral race. I realize that's split a lot of ways. And with 4 top-tier campaigns spending less than $2M, that still doesn't go a long way in a city as big as Houston.

- Chris Bell's totals are going to lead many of those donor-class folks to write him off (the ones who haven't already, that is). But for a guy who knew that money was going to be hard to come by, I like the approach they've taken - spend it early and see if a miracle can happen rather than sit on it, spend it late and watch your one shot at winning compete for oxygen while everyone else is campaigning full steam ahead.

- Everyone except Marty McVey, that is. Seriously. I wish the guy no ill will whatsoever. I probably have more friends that I respect helping Marty than any other campaign. But if he hoped to use this run to prep himself for another run down the road, this particular "campaign" doesn't seem to be something that will help him. I'd expect him to recoup his loand, live another day, and sleep happily on a big pile of money for as long as he wants. But it sure would make things interesting if he wrote a meaningful amount of that bank balance to help out HERO ... or Chris Bell.

- Eric Dick's finance report is one of the more interesting reads. Allegedly, he raised no money, loaned himself no money, yet spent $100k on advertising (mostly signs). I haven't seen enough of his signs in my neck of the woods to warrant the expense. Either he's saving a lot of them for Early Voting - or he's printing material for other campaigns. At least I haven't seen them posted on utility posts yet.

- Not every report is created equal in terms of accuracy. I have no idea what's up with Richard Nguyen's, for instance. There's no reason he should have only $8.7k on hand after raising $77k the previous cycle and showing no indication of spending much of that.

- Likewise, some absences are notable: Dung Le may have gotten off to a late start in filing for District J, but there are way too many vinyl signs draped on public property to warrant not filing a finance report.

Kuff has the HERO-related overview.

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