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Still With Hill

February 12, 2008 Uncategorized 61 Comments

Just for the sake of putting it on record: I support and endorse Hillary Clinton for President.
Cast aside the already-tired logic of inevitability, change, experience, and hope. The bulk of my rationale comes down to something entirely different.
Once upon a time, I was perfectly happy surrounded by the plurality of Americans who saw greatness in Bill, but concern in Hillary. For the duration of the Clinton administration, I was never a fan of Hillary’s. The bungled manner in which health care proposals were steamrolled through, with promises to crush people like Jim Cooper and avoidance of others like Pat Moynihan registrered deeply with me. Throw in the fact that she opted to work with the likes of Ira Magaziner instead and the matter was only compounded in my mind. Off Hillary would go to the Senate, via New York.
So what’s changed since then?
Hillary endured and persevered. I can’t quite place myself in an environment where I’m surrounded by people who tried to undo you’re spouse’s re-election only to find forgiveness and acceptance. I’m guessing few of us could.
At it’s simplest, it’s possible to just suggest that Hillary has exhibited better political judgment in her Senate career (though obviously the leftniks and Obama Kids will take issue with her Iraq & Iran votes). And that might or might not be enough to sway me in and of itself. But she’s shown far better qualities in my mind, with her ability to work with people who would challenge most politically-inclined folk’s ability to forgive.
There’s no way you cannot suggest that she’s been nothing short of an admirable role model on that score.
Obviously, it’s also difficult for me to endorse without getting into policy. And to be sure, her shared goal of storing many former administration officials in roles that let them take an active part in defining the Democratic Party of today is just as admirable. And if it’s any consolation, if it’s Barack Obama that’s sworn in, he’ll likely still be relying on many of the very people that Bill and Hillary Clinton first offered a national platform for.
With that, I’m still with Hill and that’s who I’ll be voting for on March 4th. Feel free to make your own call accordingly.

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Currently there are "61 comments" on this Article:

  1. Alethia says:

    Thank you for you post and links. I started out with an interest in Hillary and curiosity about Barack.
    Now, I am deeply committed to Hillary. Looking into her past record it was easy to see her whole life whole has been one of social activim for everyone. I was astounded at her accomplishments big and small. I would love for people to get past the idea she is establishment or status quo. She’s been a doer and progressive her whole career. I am looking forward to see her sworn into office.

  2. Badger Girl says:

    Hillary all the way!!! She gave the most awesome speech in Madison, WI last night. And she did not steal anyone else’s words!! The Obama people were so critical of her not spending time in WI—they have had to eat their words. She talked for 50 minutes, and gave many very specific details on all of the issues we Wisconsin people care about—no general slogans and RAH-Rah-Rah; she asked us to hold her accountable, and very warmly asked each of us for our vote if we felt she was the most qualified to lead. She brought the house down!!!! And then she stayed and stayed and stayed to talk and greet the people—very warm and sincere. Last week Obama talked 17 min, about that ever “elusive change” and no substance at all; this after starting 45 min late, and after people stood outside in freezing temps for 3 hours; then he was off the stage and “out of there”!!!! Warm? Sincere? In Touch?? I think not.

  3. media distortion says:

    Yet one more time I endured a total distortion of Hillary’s words by MSNBC—In Madison last night Hillary was making the point that selecting a President is serious business; it is not a popularity contest, and we don’t base it on whether it is someon we might like to have a beer with, although she herself does enjoy a beer. This was well received by the audience, and we enjoyed a good laugh with her;… we all know how the Bush people felt good old George would be so fun to drink with!!! And look what that got us. Now MSNBC says she insulted all of the Madison people because everyone knows we are nothing but a bunch of hearty drinkers!!! I was at the rally, and no one was insulted—-we are smart up here in Wisconsin, and we will drink with our friends for sure—but our President does not HAVE TO BE OUR DRINKING BUDDY!! She has to be competent, reliable, intelligent, tried and tested—and above all experienced in how Washington really works!!!! The media makes me sick—-it is sad how much they influence the voters!!

  4. Diane Czyzniak says:

    I am a strong supporter of Senator Clinton for President. Her competence is proven and impressive. As for Obama, heed my words . . . BEWARE THE SMOOTH TALKER!

  5. Nancy says:

    I am a big HIllary supporter. Please, all of you who have written such good comments about her, please pick up your phones and make calls to Texas, Ohio, Pa, etc. If you can, donate some money. This is the most important election in generations for our country. If we don’t make super efforts for Hillary, we’ll end up with Obama who to be kind, really doesn’t have a clue; or with McCain. Good Grief! Let’s get moving NOW for Hillary!!

  6. GloriaH says:

    Hooray for all You Hillary Supporters!!!!
    You show that you are intelligent,read reliable reporting about all the candidates and are not afraid to state how the corporate owned media
    (especially CNN and MSNBC) show their obvious contempt for Hillary and devote more of their
    on-air time to praising their “Rock Star ~ Mr. O”
    at every turn. Tonite, I turned on CNN (as I was
    channel surfing ) and the headlines shown even before the pols in Wisconsin had closed, read across the t.v. screen “Desperation For a Win”….now I wonder who they were referring to????? Hillary is far from desperate, and I
    will never lose faith in her determination and
    inner strength she continues to show 24/7! Like
    one of your commenters said ” Obama merely Entertains………..HILLARY EDUCATES! ”

  7. Mel says:

    Stick a fork in her; Hillary Clinton is done! She should find a graceful way out and take it asap. At this rate Hillary will help the GOP snatch defeat from th jaws of victory and kill the Democratic majority. Hillary’s done and that is reality!

  8. S.S. says:

    Hillary’s closing comments at the Democratic debate tonight showed true grace and a rare look into her often guarded feelings. The candor was amazing, and watching her, in that moment, I knew regardless of the outcome of the election, she would go on, and do what she has always done– fight for the American people, in a country she loves.

  9. B says:

    You posted an article yesterday entitled “She Should Go Negative” or something to that effect. Whatever positive or negative strategy Hillary Clinton proceeds with, she has to continue to be tanacious and perseverant. She should not give up. I don’t know if her steadfastness is from her faith or an innate instinct that won’t go away. Either way, she should keep going! It isn’t over yet. Keep fighting Hillary!

  10. B says:

    You posted an article yesterday entitled “She Should Go Negative” or something to that effect. Whatever positive or negative strategy Hillary Clinton proceeds with, she has to continue to be tenacious and perseverant. She should not give up. I don’t know if her steadfastness is from her faith or an innate instinct that won’t go away. Either way, she should keep going! It isn’t over yet. Keep fighting Hillary!

  11. B says:

    Further to my comment a few minutes ago, the Biblical foundation for Hillary Clinton’s tenacity can be seen in Luke 18: 1-8. The subject in the story got justice because she held strong and was persistent.
    Clinton is willing to work hard and will not take no for an answer. Enough said.

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