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Obama to the Boomburbs?

» DMN/Trailblazer Blog: Obama eying Collin County?
Hell yeah. Run everywhere! See the map below for Collin County's 2008 results mapped out:

Two things worth pointing out here:
One is that the bulk of the population in the county is in the SW corner, with the solid blue precincts of old McKinney being the northeast tip of that square within a square. Plano, the oldest & largest suburb of the county, is now counting some solidly Democratic precincts among the mix (as witnessed by the light blue precincts just north of Dallas County).
Two: the newer parts of the county - newer McKinney, Allen & Frisco are a tougher nut to crack, but my sense is that McCain's candidacy had a ceiling on Obama's results. Namely, McCain's brand was somewhat distinct from that of Bush and this helped him hold a good portion of his "Independent, but tend to vote GOP" voters on board. Had the nominee been someone more along the lines of Palin or Huckabee, a good chunk more of those suburban-based voters might be more in play. Granted, 2012 is another setting and that election will be more of a referendum on Obama. Wait and see if his pull in the suburbs remains then.

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