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Movie Night Request

OK, since Pete is getting antsy for another movie night, I'll post this up here to see who nibbles on it. I'm down with the idea as long as it doesn't conflict with an Aeros home game or Office Space, showing at River Oaks.
I've got the final Ilsa flick on DVD ... I've got Frank McCluskey, CI ... I've got a whole slew of stuff to pick from.
As for locations, here's the options ...

  • wait for my lazy rear end to clean up my apt (note to self: rent a sand blaster) ... shoot for mid/late Jan
  • Bug the crap out of Uber ... although he's got a strict no-ILSA policy.
  • Kassi & David are always stellar hosts, but live out in Lake Charles and I'm not sure my DVD player can withstand another round trip. Its already rebelling against me.
  • No offense to Jarimie, but sheesh, his place has a seating capacity of what ... 4?
  • When do Karen's parents leave her the house again?
    Ideas??? Thoughts???? Recommendations???

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    1. Seriously, the first two that come to mind would be any Faces Of Death installment, then the new Director’s reissue of Star Trek 1 (whoever has it; I don’t). The Trek recut is said to be tighter and generally superior to any other version and the FOD episode lets us check the grossout box for the evening.
      Then maybe a Marx Bros. flick? Bend Over Boyfriend 23? Did Carol Channing commit one of her Hello Dolly performances to film? Any Ed Wood fan have a copy of Jail Bait?
      Seriously again, OK maybe not, THE NIGHT PORTER??? This one’s actually respected by the “Justine” crowd (if you don’t know what I mean, consider yourself lucky). I’ll get it if not profanely condemned for suggesting it…

    2. Faces of Death certainly in the running. Late Jan. doable. Grossouts: El Topo, any French de Sade rendition, anything Greg has. Salo? Early John Waters (like Multiple Maniacs)? Lust In The Dust?
      If I really hate you, I’ll bring Peyton Place and the benzedrine.

    3. Guys, I hate to tell you this but Movie Night died a while back. I think it went the way of that warm fuzzy family feeling that SP cast members get. Oops, did I say that?
      Anyway, the convention known as Movie Night is dead. Bury it. Run it into the ground.

    4. Killjoy!
      I say it lives on and whatever reasons it didn’t work last time were largely due to the fact that I wsan’t there.

    5. And I do have FOD1 & the Mockumentary combo. Looking into getting Robocop 2 … I figure THAT ought to get a crowd to watch it.

    6. When does Office Space show at RO?

    7. January 10 & 11 at midnight.
      Remaining calendar is as follows:
      A Christmas Story ? Dec 20 & 21
      Dr. Strangelove ? Dec 27 & 28
      The Matrix ? Jan 3 & 4
      Office Space ? Jan 10 & 11
      I plan on skipping The Matrix.

    8. I am soooo there for Office Space!

    9. Yes, SP movie night is dead BUT in seperate, mutant on-its-own form can never die. Particularly if centrally located.

    10. I say we just show up at Uber’s place at like 3am, bust down the door, crash with some chips & sodas, blare Robocop 2 at over-the-top volume, and basically try and incite a riot within his apartment complex. Wednesday works for me!

    11. Only if we include a monitor/DVD/speaker-and-amp rig with battery power/UPS all hooked up in a shopping cart. That way, we show up at the door with the movie already in progress, blaring between the buildings.

    12. OK, the purchase of the final ILSA film on DVD is somewhere even I won’t go. But it deserves (dis)honorable mention; as best I can remember, word on the badfilm sites is that a bunch of footage was shot, then somebody had the idea to work Thorne into it. A few sequences were then shot with her (just a few days’ worth) and edited into everything else, so it’s not part of the original trilogy.
      We can at least read the liner notes, rather than actually watch the thing. We would then move onto more important fare, like THE GORE-GORE GIRLS or BLOOD FEAST.

    13. Well, I should re-iterate my ILSA DVD … it is the 3rd (the oil sheik movie), as I do not consider the “final” one a true ILSA movie for the very reasons you enumerate.

    14. That’s different, being the one with the most inventive gadgets, including the vaginal time bomb which is friction-activated.
      (sound of metallic scream from the air from Uber’s rented vintage Stuka, then tinnish scrapes as he decouples the 500-pounder 5200 feet above my building)

    15. OK. Time to beat this Pete fellow at his own game.
      Try these places for whatever Greg doesn’t have:

    16. Heh, sadly I already have people who plan on just wandering around my apartment complex looking for me.
      Now Pete, I could have sworn you knew me better. I am ALL about the Star Trek movies, and have the box set that has the special edition of ST1 and the regular editions of 2-9….

    17. I think he meant the edition of 1 where Robert Wise recently recut the thing as meant before Paramount yanked it away from him back in ’79. Or is that the one you have (Goatpersons have other interests, too)?


    19. Anybody have this one (saw it on FilmWizard)?
      FLESH FEAST (1970): Nazi spies conduct anti-aging experiments, using body parts and flesh eating maggots (yum!) to revive Hitler’s corpse. Produced by and starring Veronica Lake (yes, that Veronica Lake)! Gross, lurid and downright silly.

    20. No, but I did manage to pick up Billy Jack on DVD for $5 at WalMart! Also splurged and got a couple of Steve Martin flicks: The Man w/ Two Brains, and My Blue Heaven … also for $5 each.

    21. MAN WITH TWO BRAINS: I am there. And with the correct chemical encouragement, BILLY JACK would be arguable (sound: incoming fire from Uber and others).

    22. Anybody seen ENIGMA, the recent codebreaking film with the “Titanic” chick?

    23. Yes, I saw it (because Kate Winslet is the world’s perfect genetic specimen). Not a particularly good film. Probably only of interest to those technical geeks who get off on the arcane….
      Everyone here will love it.

    24. You’ll rue the day you crossed me, Ulysses!!!

    25. I was only trying to suggest something other than, say, ANNETTE FUNICELLO GOES 8MM, or THE FACES OF WEASEL ABUSE #12. I could go BACK to suggesting such things, but perhaps Greg should start a new string based on the short list of possibles so far…

    26. Well, the beautiful thing about Movie Nights is to expand our movie horizons (or lower our standards, I forget which), and I’m pretty much out of my A-list material (still owe it to myself to get a DVD of Tunnelvision, though). I’m not sure billing a movie night option as “Pete will supply one movie”, as your collection has already permanently scarred several former victims and we haven’t even gotten around to Bend-over Boyfriend.
      One idea worth exploring is to see if yours truly can ever master that VCD option for the archived social hygeine movies that me & Jim so love and mock. Supposed to be a way, but I tried it only once, and that ended in failure. I’ll see if anything works this weekend. THAT could be entertaining.
      BTW Jim, you ever find that URL of the site you used?

    27. Yeah, but it’s linked at home. I’ll post it here when I get there.

    28. This is the place.

    29. Brilliant, as I suspected … same one I was using.

    30. Yeah, once I noticed th complete site revision (hadn’t been there in a year or more), I figured it might be. The original link I had was, which was just a white page with the clip titles; absolutely no bells or whistles.

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