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Week in Review #45

The post-election week in review. And no, there were not 44 other posts like this that you might have missed. Just picking up the routine in Week 45. Trust me, it'll all make sense in January.

» Texas Tribune: Can Texas and a Dozen Other States Drop Medicaid?
» Chron: Harris County to sue over gang activity in Haverstock Hills
» NY Times: Obama’s Glow Dims on Trip to Asia
» NY Times: Education Protest in London Turns Violent
» NY Times: Daisy Khan, an Eloquent Face of Islam
» NY Times: His Job Is to Make Public Obama’s Candid Side
» Wash. Post: Deficit panel leaders propose curbs on Social Security, major cuts in spending, tax breaks
» AP: Doctors brace for possible big Medicare pay cuts

» Dallas Morning News: Wade Phillips fired as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys
» Chron: Nicholson's career cut short after injury

» NY Times: States Out of Balance (Editorial)
» NY Times: The Crossroads Nation (David Brooks)
» CNN: Olbermann and the dangers of partisan media (John Avlon)
» Wash. Post: Olbermann, O'Reilly and the death of real news (Ted Koppel)

» NY Times Mag: The Other Oil Cleanup (Douglas McCollum)
» New Republic: What a Surprise. We Abandoned Haiti. (David Reiff)
» New Republic: Limited War: How the age of austerity will remake American politics (Thomas Edsall)

» The Big Lie (Sullivan)
» The Big Lie, ctd (Sullivan)
» The Big Lie II (Sullivan)
» On Latino Turnout (Kuff)
» 82nd Texas Legislature: Pre-Filing Begins With Flurry Of Right Wing Bills (Capitol Annex)
» TPM Turns 10 (Josh Marshall)
» Digital and Media Literacy 'Plan of Action' Unveiled Today in D.C. (Knight Foundation)


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