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Almanac Update: Travis State Reps

Updates are still trickling out of the first round of numbers on hand. Once each county certifies their results, there should be some more work to look at the results in some of the counties still holding out on releasing precinct-level data.

Ft. Bend numbers are now out, so I should have a lot of Houston-area results to show & tell for the week ahead. In the meantime, here's three more red-blue maps for contested State Rep districts, all from Travis County.

HD47 (Bolton)
HD48 (Howard)
HD50 (Strama)

I didn't include Eddie Rodriguez's HD 51, despite there being a Republican challenger there. I may get around to it. But in terms of how illustrative it would be, I'm not putting it high on the to-do list. Rodriguez won 76%-20% and Travis County's precinct report isn't terribly fun to pull numbers from.

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