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2010 Census Stuff

The 2010 Census revealed that Texas had finally become majority-minority. While this had been the moment that many Democrats and progressives were waiting for since it might herald in a change of political fortunes, the reality is more complicated. While the total population of the state is 54.7% minority and the Voting Age Population (VAP) of the state is 50.4% minority, the impact of citizenship has increased as immigration has soared in Texas during the last decade.

Total Population 25,145,561
White 11,397,345 (45.3%)
Hispanic 9,460,921 (37.6%)
Black 2,886,825 (11.5%)
Asian 948,426 (3.8%)
Total Population 20,851,820
White 10,933,313 (52.4%)
Hispanic 6,669,666 (32.0%)
Black 2,364,255 (11.3%)
Asian 554,445 (2.7%)

By the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the Citizen Voting Age Population (CVAP) of the state is 59% White and only 24.7% Hispanic. Electorally, this paints a very different picture of the state than the Total Population numbers suggest. Yet, at the same time, it poses a challenge for a state to effectively serve and represent a general population that is vastly different from the voting electorate.

2010 VAP
Total Population 18,279,737
White 9,074,684 (49.6%)
Hispanic 6,143,144 (33.6%)
Black 2,076,282 (11.4%)
Asian 716,968 (3.9%)
2005-09 CVAP
Total Population 14,896,395
White 8,793,200 (59.0%)
Hispanic 3,674,800 (24.7%)
Black 1,864,530 (12.5%)
Asian 368,705 (2.5%)

Harris County

Total Population 4,092,459
White 1,349,646 (33.0%)
Hispanic 1,671,540 (40.8%)
Black 754,258 (18.4%)
Asian 249,853 (6.1%)
Total Population 3,400,578
White 1,432,264 (42.1%)
Hispanic 1,119,751 (32.9%)
Black 619,694 (18.2%)
Asian 173,026 (5.1%)

Harris County (by demographic majority within Census block groups)

Pardon the dust, but I’m just now getting around to organizing a lot of the maps and whatnot that I’ve created out of the Census data so far.

Houston Area
» Multi-Demographic Map
» Harris County Demographics by Region
» Hispanic Diffusion
» The Re-Honkification of the Heights
» The Non-Citizens of Harris County
» Fort Bend County

DFW Metroplex
» Multi-Demographic Map (Census Tract)
» Demograhics Map
» CVAP Multi-Demographic Map

Central Texas
» Multi-Demographic Map
» Individual Demographic Map

San Antonio Area
» Multi-Demographic Map
» Individual Demographic Map

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