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Campaign ’16: Hillary Announces

Among the blog topics to get back up to speed on - it seems there's a somewhat active Presidential campaign gearing up. There are two other guys in the primary race on the Dem side, but until new records or a dead body show up from the Rose Law Firm, the presumptive nominee is no surprise:


Election-Eve Aggreposting …

One final sampling before the votes start trickling in tomorrow ...

» Washington Post: Let’s shatter the myth on Glass-Steagall
I'm glad to see a bit of provocative thinking on this topic. Of course, I'm old enough to remember that it was the late Sen. William Proxmire who led the charge to get Glass-Steagall undone. Proxmire wasn't exactly a Phil Gramm carbon copy, so it bears some attention that there was a liberal critique of the law, as well. Whether the final, passed version of the law was something Proxmire still found merit with or whether there were any issues that came up afterward that might make him change his mind, I don't know. But I'm not certain that just putting Glass-Steagall back in place is much of a solution.

» NY Times: Genetic Data and Fossil Evidence Tell Differing Tales of Human Origins
If science and whatnot isn't your bag, just think of this as pre-historic multiculturalism and diversity.

» NY Times: Political Fortunetelling
Fanciful fiction, to be sure. But I don't think every one of the names mentioned will be absent enough political ambition on the top job. Cuomo should be a certainty. But even after that, I'd expect a few of the rest. As far as the sponsorship element to the tale, I'm more doubtful. But the two strands of the story do weave in with the over-celebritization of politics.

» Dan Froomkin: You Know What the ‘Voter ID’ Push Is All About, So Say So
What? ... and tell the truth?

On the Wednesday-through-Friday reading pile:

» NY Times: What Can Mississippi Learn From Iran?
» New Yorker: We Are Alive - Bruce Springsteen at sixty-two.
» New Yorker: Fussbudget - How Paul Ryan captured the G.O.P. (Ryan Lizza)

Highly coincidental that today's batch includes two writers who I think are very much missed from their previous employers: Froomkin from the Washington Post and Lizza from The New Republic.

In other news, I've got a quick one-day getaway "vacation-let" planned for San Antonio at the end of the week. If the heat doesn't kill me while I'm there, I hope to see enough of the outdoors to do a bit of blogging about some beautiful sights, scenes, and sounds from another little dot on the map.


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