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2012 Election Mapping: The Near Misses in Harris County

Looking at the nearest misses among House Districts for Democrats, it's no surprise that HD134 will likely be a hot contest throughout the decade. That's not just due to the district being as near parity as any district in the county as it is that the area serves as home to a number of high-quality potential candidates.

What's been emerging ever since the housing boom of the 2000s is the changing demographics on Houston's far west side. Below the fold is a snapshot of the Sheriff results with the district outlines. If Democrats are going to make any kind of run at growing their ranks in the Lege, these two districts will be the ones that have to flip.

Oddly enough, HD134 has always had the extra challenge of its electoral competitiveness being more intractable than elsewhere. This is due in part to there not being a great deal of new construction driving demographic change. That stands in fairly stark contrast to HD132. Granted, we're likely to see another round of redistricting in the next session, but if these districts were to stand, I wouldn't be surprised to see HD132 flip before HD134.


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