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Primary Mapping: Dem Constable 1

Here's one of the more muddled Primary contests I'll be mapping out - the six-way election for Constable, Precinct 1. This would go to a runoff between Alan Rosen and Cindy Vara-Leija, but the first round settled out as follows:

Alan Rosen - 28.0%
Cindy Vara-Leija - 23.8%
Grady Castleberry - 21.8%
Quincy Whitaker - 19.7%
Jaime Tellez, Jr. - 3.7%
Richard Talamantez - 3.1%

The map below is coded as follows: dark blue = Rosen; light blue = Vara-Leija; purple = anyone else. That purple basically broke down to Castleberry and Whitaker splitting much of the African-American vote in Acres Homes, Independence Heights, and the Fifth Ward.

All told, the breakdown is a pretty good overview of the district's demographics. What jumped out to me from this view is Rosen's showing in the Anglo Dem dogleg from the Heights to Meyerland. Rosen did exceptionally well in Montrose, pushing close to 70% of the vote there. Ditto for much of Rosen's home base of Bellaire. But in the River Oaks - to - West U area, Rosen only got anywhere from a near-majority to a bare majority. That left a lot of room for improvement in the runoff and I think it would be clear where those votes would go regardless of who was in a runoff. That might account for the overwhelming showing that he'd see in the runoff.

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The (New) Sincerest Form of Flattery

For some reason, I found myself switching over to Channel 13 news upon finding out that Conan's guest list was pretty lame. For some other reason, I found myself wondering why the map on Wayne Dolcefino's "investigation" on Jack Abercia looked so familiar.

See for yourself ...

... and then see where it came from.

I'd scream "SOPA" and black out my site for 24 hours, but my version was taken from Dave's Redistricting App - where people who do their own work roll their own maps.

Still. Absolutely no credit, guys?


ADD-ON: Possible alternate blog title: "Grand Theft Cartography".


Abercia to Resign

» Chron: Constable Abercia to resign Jan. 31
» Chron: Retired sheriff's major appointed to fill constable post

I checked to see if this sign was still visible downtown. Turns out it is not.

Obviously, there's not a lot known about the new guy other than the fact that he's El Franco Lee's choice. It should be a spirited race among the (for now) four candidates running. Looks like our shop here at the day job will be involved. Who knows, I may have to do a full disclosure post sometime soon. Unfortunately, as a voter, I'm one precinct removed from the district.


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