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Primary Mapping: Dem SBOE6

Here's another modest surprise - a three-way contest that didn't need a runoff to decide the nominee. And, as was the case with HD144, it was a female candidate who ended up winning.

Traci Jensen - 51.5%
Patty Quintana-Nilsson - 29.7%
David Scott - 18.8%

This was a district that Obama only won 40.8% of the vote in, so it's not the most significant in terms of viability or changing the culture (or, for that matter, existence) of the State Board of Education. But since it's an open race in a Presidential year, there's hope that we'll see some improvement on the Dem baseline in this district. There wasn't a lot of communication in this contest, but what there was, it was all Jensen that I saw. A pretty good example of how to shut out the rest of the pack in an otherwise low-information contest.

Color-coding is: dark blue = Jensen; light blue = Scott; purple = Quintana-Nilsson. Not sure why I coded Scott and Q-Nilsson opposite, but I'll live with the break in pattern.

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